Install & Configure

Download rna-pdb-tools by clicking here or using git:

$ git clone
$ cd rna-pdb-tools

(git is better if you want to contribute to the package and if you want to get pretty frequent updates).

The first step is “zero” because not all requirments are needed to start working with rna-pdb-tools.

To install the full set of requirements, use pip:

  1. pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

and install the package itself in three steps:

  1. add the path to the package to your PYTHONPATH (in ~/.bashrc), e.g. PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/magnus/src/rna-pdb-tools/

  2. add the path to the bin folder of the package to your PATH (in ~/.bashrc), e.g. PATH=$PATH:/home/magnus/src/rna-pdb-tools/bin/

  3. and run the install script:

    ➜  rna-pdb-tools git:(master) ✗ ./
    Installed in ./bin

should be OK now :-)

To set you own configuration, please first:

cp rpt_config_local.py_sample # in rna-pdb-tools/rna_pdb_tools

and then edit as you need. In my case it is:

rna_pdb_tools git:(master) ✗ cat
VARNA_PATH  = '/Users/magnus/skills/rnax/varna_tut/'